The Science Behind Scoperta

We use RAD “rapid alloy development” – powerful analytics software and databases – to design new materials.  Scoperta is a global leader in modern alloy development and we are the experts in translating this science into commercial products.


The history of mankind has been categorized by improvements in materials technology, from the Bronze Age to the Digital era.  Scoperta is utilizing modern computer technology in a revolutionary way to usher in a new age of materials.  Today Scoperta possesses the most advanced software and experimental approaches for developing new materials and alloys. 


We are continuously pushing the science of alloy development forward.  We have just scratched the surface of our computational technology potential, even with our history of successful products and innovations.  This revolutionary capability is the true “Science Behind Scoperta”.

Disruptive Solutions

  • Disruptive Solutions
    • A solution is disruptive when the improvement it offers is so drastic, that the industry is compelled to adopt it.  Scoperta looks to develop disruptive solutions, not “me-too” products.   We provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage. Learn more about disruptive solutions

  • RAD Science
    • RAD stands for “rapid alloy development”.  The software we have developed and our proprietary alloy design techniques provide a new paradigm for transitioning from alloy concept to product.  Conventional alloy development techniques took years or even decades to truly design new products, RAD Science enables us to design new products in months. Learn more about RAD Science

  • Benefits of Scoperta Solutions
    • Designing the correct microstructure for optimum performance is one aspect of our approach.  We consider all the key benefits of a product including how it is made, how it is used, and finally the economics of the product in the marketplace. Learn more about the benefits of Scoperta Solutions

  • The Difference
    • Scoperta is different from most companies.  We are not here to sell one type of product or technology.  We function as a solutions provider to your specific problems, and we are uniquely prepared to fulfill that goal. Learn more about the Scoperta difference


  • Get Started
    • We currently have a wide array of products meeting specific industry challenges.  Often one of these unique materials can immediately fit your needs.  If a custom solution is required than we can design a product more specifically to you needs.

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