How We Work

Materials Informatics

We employ big data material informatics that significantly accelerate the discovery of new alloy solutions for targeted processes and performance metrics. Combined with over 100 years of experimental data and modern computational tools, Scoperta is at the forefront of materials innovation. 

Solution Provider

We actively work with our customers to identify and refine the right solutions, not simply sell an existing product

Market Specific

Our alloy design incorporates both the performance and economic requirements of specific and unique applications.  We develop an unparalleled understanding of how materials perform in a specific environment then invent disruptive solutions for that application. 

Big Data

We utilize cutting edge big data techniques to continuously grow our alloy database of 15 million multi-component compositions at a rate of more than 50,000 per day. From this database, more than 15 billion pieces of data are analysed to design the next generation of materials with extreme performance.

Scientific Approach

All of our solutions are the result of rigorous scientific evaluation using patented alloy design techniques. We use application specific testing to develop a unique knowledge of each industrial challenge.

Quick Discovery

Our rapid alloy development (RAD) software is revolutionary in its ability to enable quick discovery of disruptive solutions. Real solutions are developed in the course of months, where conventional methods take years to decades.

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